What is it and how does it work?

The Brit List is not a competition. It’s a showcase.

UK Film & TV companies are invited to recommend the best unproduced scripts they have seen in the past year. If a script receives a minimum number of recommendations it will be featured on the Brit List.

The object is to provide an industry wide platform for these scripts and their writers, even though there is an inevitable ranking due to the number of recommendations a screenplay may receive.

A look at the Past Lists‘ section will give a snapshot of the then unproduced scripts that went on to be made and in many cases had great critical and commercial success.

Since 2007 the Brit List has been exclusively for film scripts. However, the inaugural Brit List: TV was launched in 2018.

The next Brit List will be in November 2020 and in order to reflect the fact that most writers now work across film and television, The Brit List 2020 will feature scripts from both TV and film for the first time.

Who runs the Brit List?

Although the Brit List is compiled by recommendations from companies in the Film and TV industries, it has been coordinated for the last 11 years by Alexandra Arlango. She has seen it grow from humble beginnings to become recognised as an industry wide platform for new-writing voices in the UK.

Throughout a long career in film, Alexandra has co-produced four successful feature films including BAFTA and Oscar winner The Duchess. In 2016 she made the move into TV where she has collaborated with both established and emerging writing talent to add to her already wide contact book.

Run by Alexandra Arlango since 2008, the Brit List has grown into a respected industry resource.