What is it and how does it work?

The Brit List is not a competition. It’s a showcase for exciting, emerging UK screenwriters.

UK Film & TV companies are invited to recommend the best unproduced scripts they have seen in the past year and if a script receives the minimum number of recommendations it will be featured on the Brit List.

The object is to provide our industry with a wide platform for these writers and their scripts.

Writers who appear on The Brit List are also invited to take part in a yearlong programme of seminars where they are able to meet and hear from commissions from both the UK and US, showrunners, directors and producers. The idea is to get a broad understanding of the industry on both in the UK and in the US.

A look at the Past Lists gives a picture of the then unproduced scripts that went on to be made, in many cases with great critical and commercial success.

When the Brit List started in 2007 it was exclusively for feature film writers but in 2018 we unveiled our inaugural TV list. To reflect the fact that most writers work across both forms, since 2019 The Brit List presents TV and Film scripts on a single list.

“The Brit List’s brilliantly curated events throughout the year have been such a joyful way of building relationships in the industry – and best of all, it’s created a wonderful sense of camaraderie between all the writers.”

Jessica Lambert

Jessica Lambert