Alexandra Arlango

Alexandra Arlango

“I’ve run The Brit List for 15 years and seen it grow from nothing to become an internationally recognised industry resource that helps shape the careers of so many great writers. I’m hugely proud of that, and determined that we’ll continue to seek out and support the bright stars of tomorrow…”

A Life in Pictures

Alexandra Arlango has worked across the British film and TV industries since 1997.

Starting in distribution, she learned the most important lesson of her long career: Know your audience. Helping Michael Kuhn set up Qwerty Pictures in 1999, she discovered her passion for development and her talent for working with writers, and began to apply the lesson she learnt in distribution to story development with great success.

By the time Alexandra left Qwerty she had co-produced five feature films including the Oscar winning The Duchess starring Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes. Across her career in features, she worked with many new and established writers, including David O. Russell, Jack Thorne and Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan & Marlon Smith. She has been instrumental in supporting the career of Emmy winner Tom Rob Smith, and, more recently, through The Brit List, of showcasing the then emerging voices of now established writers such as Joe Barton (Giri/Haji, Encounter, which appeared on The Brit List as Invasion) and Lauren Sequira (Domino Day, Gangs of London).

Alexandra is determined to keep The Brit List the go to place for producers and buyers to find new and exciting UK screenwriting talent.

Sally Rowberry

Sally Rowberry

A Life in Stories

Sally has worked in the film and television industry for over 12 years.

Gaining a screenwriting BA from Bournemouth she began her career in talent agencies, moving into development at Red Arrow Studios. As development executive on Carlo Dusi’s team, she worked on Vienna Blood and was credited as Associate Producer on season two.

After freelancing in development roles for prominent production companies – including Various Artists, Ringside Studios and Silver Salt Films – Sally moved back in-house with Yellow Bird UK, where she worked for Berna Levin, leading the development team in the London office.

Aware of this career privilege, Sally is determined to put back into the industry. She regularly holds talks and mentors students at her alma mater, Bournemouth University.

But her love of storytelling is best expressed by her work with The Brit List. An invaluable initiative for discovering, nurturing and promoting UK writing talent, Sally and The Brit List are a perfect fit.