This year over 90 companies from across the UK film industry were invited to participate. Out of 134 script titles put forward, 18 received the minimum number of votes to make it on the list.

Every effort has been made to supply accurate information. Apologies for any inaccuracies or misspellings.

9 recommendations

BENNY IN THE DARK by Phillip Morgan (Independent Talent Group)

Producers: House Productions

Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Summary: A character driven 1950s set allegory for the unspoken societal fears around male depression.

8 recommendations

SURGE by Rupert Jones (Casarotto) & Rita Kalnejais (42)

Producers: Rooks Nest/BBC Films/Creative England

Genre: Thriller/Drama
Summary: Set over 24 hours in London, SURGE is a stripped back thriller about a man goes on a bold and reckless journey of self-liberation in London.

6 recommendations

YESTERDAY TOMORROW TODAY by Lawrie Doran (unrepresented). Revisions by Polly Vernon (42)

Producers: Met Film Production

Genre: Indie Rom Com
Summary: Feeling pressure to start a family she’s not sure she wants, a bored thirty something finds a portal to the past where she embarks on an exciting affair with a younger man – her husband before they met.

5 recommendations

SHEPHERD by Chris Andrews (Independent Talent Group)

Producers: Stray Bear Productions

Genre: Revenge Thriller
Summary: Determined to avenge the killing of his flock, a Cumbrian shepherd is drawn into cycle of violence that exposes secrets from his past.

THE BIKE THIEF by Matt Chambers (unrepresented)

Producers: Ugly Duckling Films/Ellipsis Pictures

Genre: Thriller
Summary: A Romanian delivery driver’s moped is the centre of his family’s new life in London. When it is stolen, how far will he go to get it back?

ANNA’S STORY by Paul Herzberg (MBA Literary and Script Agents)

Producers: Ecosse Films

Genre: True Story
Summary: The extraordinary story of Anna Nathan who became pregnant during the holocaust and, facing certain death if discovered, resolved to conceal her pregnancy inside the camps.

4 recommendations

QUEEN’S GAMBIT by Henrietta & Jessica Ashworth (United Agents)

Producers: Magnolia Mae/Baby Cow

Genre: Period Drama
Summary: Adaptation of Elizabeth Fremantle’s novel about Katherine Parr, the one wife to survive Henry VIII.

CAB RIDE HOME by Charlotte Colbert (unrepresented)

Producers: Popcorn Group

Genre: Drama
Summary: In the final fortnight of Marilyn Monroe’s life, when she cannot find her therapist, she instead befriends her taxi driver.

A PAIL OF AIR by Alistair McDowall (Judy Daish Associates)

Producers: Pari Passu Films

Genre: Post Apocalyptic SciFi
Summary: A family survives a devastating ice age and find out they are not alone. Adapted from the short story of the same name by Fritz Leiber.

GB by Philip Robinson (The Agency)

Producers: Available

Genre: Road Movie
Summary: A white van man and his best friend since childhood, who is also a trans woman, take a road trip to make the money for her reassignment surgery – one last trip as mates before they’re man and wife …

ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME by Tom Stourton & Tom Palmer (Independent Talent Group)

Producers: Available

Genre: Comedy Horror
Summary: Pete’s turning thirty and the old gang from uni are throwing a party. But his head begins to spin as one by one his friends slowly turn against him. He can’t work out: did he do something wrong? Is he paranoid? Or are his friends the sick ones?

3 recommendations

BLUE by Sam Baron (Curtis Brown) & James Appleby (unrepresented)

Producers: Blueprint/3Arts

Genre: Scifi drama
Summary: In near-future San Francisco, a successful therapist is struggling to raise her child after her husband’s death. She is intrigued by an offer to treat the world’s first artificial consciousness – but is surprised to discover that it wants to die.

BURMESE DAYS by Richard Cottan (Casarotto)

Producers: Magnolia Mae

Genre: Period Drama
Summary: Adaptation of George Orwell’s first novel based on his experiences as a policeman in Burma, it presents a devastating picture of British colonial rule.

THE POWER by Corinna Faith (Casarotto)

Producers: Stigma Films/Air Street Films

Genre: Horror
Summary: 1973: a young nurse is forced to work the night shift in a crumbling hospital as striking miners switch off the power across Britain. But inside the walls lurks a terrifying presence that threatens to consume her and everyone around her.

THE HORNED MAN by Toby Finlay (Casarotto)

Producers: Nira Park/Jim Wilson/Rachael Prior

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Summary: Based on the novel by James Lasdun. A New York professor of gender studies becomes increasingly unhinged when he suspects that his mysteriously AWOL predecessor – who epitomised the toxic masculinity he rails against – is framing him for the brutal murders of women in the city.

THE HOUSEKEEPER by Patrick Gale (United Agents)

Producers: Headstrong Pictures

Genre: Psychological Drama
Summary: The Housekeeper is a beautiful and tragic love story between two women set in 1930’s England and the fictional origins story of the Daphne du Maurier novel, Rebecca and du Maurier’s creation of the infamous character of Mrs Danvers.

FACE BLIND by Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelegri (Curtis Brown Group)

Producers: Rooks Nest

Genre: Thriller
Summary: A female psychiatrist develops a condition that makes her unable to distinguish people’s faces, including the face of her stalker.

SHE WILL by Kitty Percy (The Agency)

Producers: Popcorn Group

Genre: Feminist Horror
Summary: A fading film star, bitter at becoming powerless and invisible, travels with her young nurse to a remote Scottish healing retreat, where she discovers the power of actual invisibility and sets out to get revenge on the men who’ve wronged her.

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