Can I submit my script to The Brit List?

No, The Brit List does not accept submissions.

How do I get my script on to The Brit List?

A production company, agent, distribution company, financier or sales agent who has read your script can recommend it for The Brit List.

Can I recommend scripts for The Brit List?

Unfortunately individuals can’t make recommendations. Only companies involved with the Film and TV industries can make recommendations.

How many scripts that have featured on The Brit List have been made?

In the past 16 years 82 films that have appeared on The Brit List have gone on to be made.

Please see the Past Lists sections.

Can a writer or script appear on The Brit List more than once?

Once a writer or script has been on a List, they cannot be recommended again.

When is the next Brit List?

The next Brit List will be revealed on 7 November 2023.