The Brit List

The brit list is a showcase of unproduced scripts from UK writing talent

Frequently Asked Questions: Industry

Why is it called the Brit List?

Because it is a showcase of British writing talent recommended by the British Film and TV industries.

All writers (including all members of writing teams) must be British.  For the purposes of the Brit List, this means that writers must hold a British passport or have permanent residency in the UK.

How does a company get involved with the Brit List?

A company must employ at least 3 people based in Britain and be actively involved in the UK Film and TV industries - agents, production companies, sales agents, broadcasters, financiers, distributors. 

Companies previously involved in the Brit List will automatically receive an email requesting their recommendations. 

Companies who meet the above criteria who have not been involved with previous lists can apply for an invitation to participate by contacting Alexandra Arlango via the website. 

Why is it invitation only?

Because companies need to demonstrate they are reading a high volume of scripts and are abreast of current writing. 

It also ensures there is a balanced spread of companies from across the industry.

Can more than one person in a company submit recommendations?

A company can only submit one set of recommendations so there would need to be internal consensus about which best scripts are most deserving.

What is an unproduced script?

As far as the Brit List in concerned, an unproduced Film script is one that has not started principle photography before the publication of that year's list.

For TV, an unproduced script means one that is not greenlit to production.  Scripts commissioned by broadcasters are eligible.

Is there a limit on the number of recommendations a company can make?

Yes.  There is a minimum of 4 scripts recommended for both TV and Film and a maximum of 10 for Film and 6 for TV.  

Can a company recommend their own scripts?

Yes.  However, companies must also recommend an equal number is scripts that they have read and liked, but are not involved with. 

For example, the minimum number of recommendations is 4. So, 2 scripts the company is involved with, and 2 it is not.

Will everyone know who's recommended what?

The Brit List publishes only the number of recommendations, never their source.

Can a script appear on the Brit List more than once?

No. Once a script has been on a List, it cannot be recommended again.

When is the next Brit List?

The next Brit List: TV will be in November 2019.

The next film Brit List will be in November 2020.